Bagheera Movie: A rollercoaster of regrettable choices

So, are you ready for a wild ride with Ravichandran’s Bagheera, don’t get too excited. In the opening credits, we get excerpts from YouTube rants, where people express their feelings about ex-girlfriends and love gone wrong. It’s like a glimpse of the film’s retrograde soul. Bagheera, which was initially set to hit our screens a few years ago, ended up being a masterclass in how to handle a psychological thriller.

A glimpse of the dark world

Like any crime thriller, this film also starts with a gruesome murder. One girl meets her end in a particularly brutal way, setting the stage for a series of horrific events in the town. Enter a giant teddy bear doll that doubles as a deadly weapon, injecting chemicals into unfortunate victims.

Soon, we learn that the puppet master behind these murders is none other than Bagheera himself (played by Prabhudheva), a psychopath with a penchant for murders. Oh, and there’s also an app where jilted lovers can unmask their two friends, and Bagheera emerges as the hero.

Mystery Revealed in Sri Lanka

Bagheera His complicated game takes a turn when he meets Ramya, a psychology student played by Amyra Dastur. The showdown takes place in a private villa in Sri Lanka, and the burning question is whether Ramya can outwit this sociopath or become another victim in his twisted game.

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A Film Best Left Unmade

Let’s cut to the chase: Bagheera feels like a mistake right from the start. The first part offers some seriously questionable commentary on how women should behave, potentially fueling negativity among those who are easily influenced. The director tries to save things with a few contrasting lines in the climax, but the basic idea is fundamentally flawed. The story lacks the necessary punch to keep the audience engaged.

missing the mark on adventure

A solid psychological thriller should immerse us in the minds of psychopaths, allowing us to understand their motives and even empathize with their characters. Unfortunately, Bagheera fails on all fronts. The flashback sequences featuring Bagheera and his brother Murali lack intensity and emotion, alienating us from the characters.

climax with disappointment

As the climax approaches, the story veers into slasher-thriller territory, where a girl finds herself trapped in a villa with a psychopath. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work. Despite having experienced actors like Nassar, Prabhudeva, and Srikanth, the execution is amateurish. Lines like ‘Ponnungalala dhaan pasanga pathiyakarangala suthranga’ only add insult to injury.

Bagheera: Some Shining Stars

In a sea of forgettable performances, Sakshi Agarwal and Amyra Dastur manage to shine with what little they do. Kudos to him for finding a better solution to a bad situation.

Prabhudeva missed the opportunity!

Prabhudeva, with all his charisma, surprises us with an intense performance. Sadly, this is a fleeting notion, thanks to a world that feels completely detached from reality. Despite having potential, the technical aspects of Bagheera fail to charm, leaving us to wonder if this film would have worked in a bygone era.

Conclusion: A blast from the past, and not in a good way

Bagheera might have found an audience decades ago, but in today’s world, it’s hard to accept these outdated ideas. The film’s journey is a testament to how a promising concept can fall apart in the wrong hands. So, buckle up, but be warned – this rollercoaster is more of a head-scratcher than a thrill ride.

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